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Here on Belle of the Barbell, I show you how fun and feminine weight lifting can be and how it can help prevent pain and injury in all your athletic endeavors

Dr. Elle Rosenberg MD Belle of the Barbell
Dr. Elle Rosenberg, MD Belle of the Barbell Sports Medicine Feminine Weight Lifting

Welcome to Belle of the Barbell! I’m so happy you’re here. As a physician, I am painfully aware of how prevention is the best medicine so I enjoy sharing how strength-based exercise and a nutritious diet can keep you fit and healthy. I’m excited to show you how feminine and empowering weight lifting can be as well as how easy it is to eat high protein, nutritious meals by meal prepping each week. Read about why I started this blog here >>

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I post about how to keep weight lifting safe, fun, and feminine in addition to many posts with delicious recipes for healthy and high protein meal preps.

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