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Hey, I’m Dr. Elle!

I’m an Emergency Room doctor in an inner-city urban hospital. I spend every day dealing with the (sometimes extremely) negative outcomes of chronic disease like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, sleep apnea, and diabetes. All of these can be prevented and even treated with diet control and regular exercise. Instead, we pile on drug after drug to control numbers as best we can while silently taking a toll on other body organs.

While there certainly are roles for pharmaceutical medications in much of human disease, I make it a priority for myself and my patients to advise the most natural of treatments as possible – the foundation of which is diet and exercise.

One of my greatest passions is exercise, especially weight lifting. I have a great appreciation for how exercise helps prevent these horrible chronic diseases but more than that, exercise is crucial to my mental health. Personally, exercise is what I feel keeps me sane. I’ve dealt with anxiety in the past and I have to say that daily exercise is the single most important factor that keeps me grounded.

Weight lifting, above all, has added so much value to my life, from helping me look and feel my best, giving me confidence and trust in myself, to helping me treat and avoid injury and chronic pain.

As a physician, I find the human body fascinating. I’ve spent the last several years studying human disease and along with that, human anatomy and exercise physiology. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned as well as my own medically-based ideas on everything from proper form, to nutrition, to body hacks.

I’ve also been cultivating a love for girly makeup, fancy hairstyles, and pretty painted nails. Carrie Underwood is my hair and makeup idol. Swingy fit-and-flare dresses are my go-to (when I’m not wearing scrubs). And count me in for a glass of rosé any time of day!

So far I’ve found both weight lifting and femininity go pretty well together. I hear many false beliefs about how weight lifting is a bad idea for women and I am here on this blog to discredit all of them.

I’m really excited to be here, sharing with you the knowledge I have about fitness and the human body and how feminine weight lifting can be.

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See you around!

Dr. Elle Rosenberg, MD
Belle of the Barbell

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