High Protein Tahini Chicken Meal Prep

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This was my first time cooking with tahini and I was very pleasantly surprised. Such a great, smooth, sesame flavor and so healthy overall.

High protein tahini chicken meal prep

Sesame seeds, and therefore tahini, have so many health benefits. Most notably, sesame is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids along with many necessary vitamins and minerals. It also contains many anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants.

The amazing flavor of this sauce contributes so much to this dish that not much else is required, allowing for super healthy other ingredients – baked boneless skinless chicken breast, whole wheat noodles, and edamame.

Ultimately, this meal packs a whopping punch of protein at 44g per meal.

For those who are concerned that the body can’t absorb more than popularly believed 20g of protein per meal, this has been shown to be a false upper limit, only relevant when drinking pure amino acids or fast-digesting protein (as in drinking solely whey protein). When combined with other macronutrients in a full, balanced meal, research has shown an effective use of around 0.4g/kg/meal of protein.


Nutritional information:

Calories443 kcal
Protein43.8 g
Fat16 g
Carbs28.5 g


Dr. Elle, MD
Belle of the Barbell

High Protein Tahini Chicken Meal Prep at Belle of the Barbell
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