Why I Started This Blog

Strength training has added so much value in my life – gainz I want everyone else to enjoy as well! From looking and feeling my best, to avoiding injury and chronic pain, to improving my performance in almost every other aspect of my life, weight lifting has given me so many benefits I want other women to take advantage of as well.

I think there are many factors that stop women from weight lifting. Not wanting to look bulky is certainly one of them. Not knowing what to do or how to use the machines/free weights is another big factor. Not wanting to feel masculine. Not wanting to leave the comfort zone. Beliefs that it won’t help you lose weight. 

I’m here to show you how wrong these ideas are. How you can use weight lifting to lose weight, look sleek and toned, and feel confident doing the exercises that will get you there. 

And for the ladies that have already moved past the above road blocks, I’m here to give in depth tips and a medical perspective on weight lifting and strength training. Get ready for a physician’s take on everything from tips on pain-free dead lifts to fasted vs fed cardio.

And finally, one huge component of weight lifting and body building is diet. I have tons of experience and great recipes to share on meal prepping like a boss. 

As an ER doctor, I see the worst of people’s chronic medical conditions and every day it pains me more and more how healthy life choices would have prevented so much of this suffering.  Prevention truly is the best medicine. Past the point of prevention, diet and exercise can actually CURE many chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. 

I hope to use this blog to explain how fun and empowering strength training can be for women but also to share a lot of my medical knowledge about the preventative and chronic-disease-curing benefits of diet and exercise, specifically a high-protein diet and weight training.  

I would also like to clear up some frequently spread misinformation I see online about diet and exercise, explaining what works and what doesn’t based on actually physiology.

Weight lifting and strength training is one of my favorite activities and I want to spread that joy to all women. I want women to know how feminine weight lifting can be. How it can help you lose weight and make life easier in so many ways. How it can give you curves in all the right places. How it can give you confidence to glow all day long.

So ladies, join me as I discuss how you can gain the strong, fit, feminine rewards of weight training. 

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Dr. Elle Rosenberg, MD
Belle of the Barbell

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